Hailing from the 2200; on the 27th of July, 1998, was born a Filipino, half Caucasian blondie boi in Olongapo City, Philippines. Born into parents that were tearin' it up in the nation's local Rock & Roll scene, that city was his place of birth and where he was raised. As the norm of rebellion from over-exposure, instead of Rock, Hip-Hop / Rap was the first musical genre he fell in love with. Then, as he grew up being exposed to the peak of R&B / Pop infused with Hip-Hop's music and dancing, it became the first obsession for Ez's childhood self-expression, with there being a point where it was only songs and videos as his choice of entertainment (it was pretty out of hand). But from that obsession brew his practice on the basics of vocal athleticism because of Brown's songs, and led to his love for dancing; which led him to another obsession for the Jabbawockeez. Having him diversify his dancing style from Krump, Pop n' Lock, Isolation (robotic dance subgenre), and a little bit of B-Boy. But as any child who grows out of certain obsession phases, Ez was far unlike those children. For anything he falls in love with and obsesses over, he never uhh.. flies?.. out of love??.. 'cause y'know "fall" inlo.. ANYWAY. Yeah, he never won't be obsessed with it for the rest of his life. Up to now, he just kept and will keep stacking up on things that he loves to do, and no one could and will be able to get him to just stick to one thing. thx :,> ♡

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